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Legion: Shredder Lesser Warbeasts (2)
Legion: Shredder Lesser Warbeasts (2)

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Mid-war Monster: Semovente 75/34 (x4+1)

The first Italian self-propelled gun, the Semovente M41 da 75/18 based on the M14/41 medium tank, was introduced in late 1941. This provided the field artillery with both mobility and protection. Mounting the short-barrelled 75mm L/18 howitzer, it was used with great success in the Desert where it supported the medium tanks with accurate long-range supporting fire.

The Semovente 75/34 was an improved design armed with a new 75/34 gun in a lengthened fighting compartment. Being based on the M15/42 hull, it had a more powerful engine, but was slightly longer. The design was completed by late 1942 and Fiat Ansaldo began full-scale production in 1943. They had produced 190 by September 1943 when Italy surrendered.

The semoventi are part of the artillery arm, the elite of the Italian Royal Army. Despite the small crew, the excellent range-finding capabilities of the Carro Comando combined with their artillery training enable them to score far more hits than their enemies would expect. The artillery crews of the semoventi are deadly accurate, even with their short-barrelled guns.

ROF 2; Anti-tank 10; Firepower 3+

Front 4; Side 2; Top 1

This box contains four Semovente 75/34 Self-propelled Guns and one Carro Commando Tank.

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