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Elven Lord 85cm
Elven Lord 85cm

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Mid-war Monster: Boarhound I (x3)

In July 1941 the US Army Ordnance office issued joint specifications with the British for three new armoured cars. The T17E1 specification called for a medium armored car which eventually became the Staghound, while the T18 called for a heavy armoured car.

The T18 prototype was developed in 1942 by the Yellow Truck & Coach Company as a large all-wheel-drive, eight-wheeler with the front four wheels steering. Its thick armour was unusual for an armoured car, although this extra protection brought the weight of the vehicle up to 26 tons—similar to contemporary medium tanks such as the M3 Lee and three times the weight of the equivalent German eight-wheeled armoured cars.

The Boarhound is large and heavy for an armoured car, but in the hard, flat desert it is faster than a tank (see page 247 of the rulebook for the Desert Terrain Chart). Its thick armour and big gun count more than the small size of lighter armoured cars, especially in the hands of the veteran Desert Rats. A Heavy Armoured Car Platoon are Reconnaissance Platoons.

This box contains 3 Boarhound I Armoured Cars.

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