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Mid-war Monster: Churchill 3” Gun Carrier (x3)

In September 1941, rumours of new German heavy tanks in development led the General Staff to request the Tank Board to produce cruiser and infantry tanks mounting large-calibre high-velocity guns specifically for engaging heavy German tanks. The Challenger cruiser tank ran into difficulties and only a small number saw service in 1944 and 1945, although the turret was fitted to the TOG 2* heavy tank. The A22 Churchill infantry tank was the obvious candidate for a heavily-armed infantry tank.

Unfortunately the need to fit through rail tunnels meant that the turret ring on the Churchill was too small for a turret capable of mounting a bigger gun. The answer was to fit the gun in a limited-traverse mounting in the hull, resulting in the A22D.  While this had tactical disadvantages, the resulting tank could be built in short order. As the 17 pdr selected for the Challenger would not be available for some time, the old 3” anti-aircraft gun was selected instead. Plenty of these were available after having been replaced in anti-aircraft units by the new 3.7” gun.

The 3” gun is a high-velocity anti-aircraft weapon similar to the German ‘88’. The Gun Carrier can destroy any German tank, while protected against all but the heaviest return fire by its heavy armour.

This box contains 3 Churchill 3” Gun Carriers.

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