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Legion: Throne of Everblight
Legion: Throne of Everblight

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Gaming Set - British Guards Armoured Division

The Guards Armoured Division landed in Normandy in June 1944 as part of VIII Corps. Its first major engagement was
Operation Goodwood, the second largest tank battle of the war. Following this they took a leading role in Operation
Bluecoat, the British breakout from Normandy. 

Leading XXX Corps’ attack in Operation Market Garden, they were tasked with advancing to relieve the airborne
troops who had captured the bridges through to Arnhem. Three months later they found themselves fighting as a
mobile reserve during the Battle of the Bulge, supporting American troops against a German breakthrough.

The set comes with 21 full-colour tokens, including:

1x Ranged In,
4x Gone to Ground,
4x Dug In,

4x Pinned Down,

4x Bogged Down,
4x Bailed Out markers. 

It also comes with 16 full-colour themed dice.

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