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Mina Ultra Marines
Captain Adalius
Captain Adalius Close up
Captain Adalius from behind
Sternguard Veteran Sergeant Lutherius with Objective
Sternguards and Drop Pod
Thunderfire Cannon 
Techmarine Brother Nicander
Ironclad Dreadnought 
Ancient Battlebrother Decimus
Sternguard Veteran
Sternguard Veteran
Sternguard Veteran
Sternguard Veteran Sergeant Lutherius
Ultramarines of the 2nd Company, led by Captain Adalius
Land Raider Crusader 'Remus'
Land Raider Crusader 'Remus' side view
Land Raider Crusader 'Remus' front view
Tactical Squad 'Gaius'
Brother Sergeant Gaius
Bike Squad 'Niaruss'
Brother Sergeant Niaruss
Tactical Squad 'Eritius'
Brother Sergeant Eritius
Battle Brother with Plasma Cannon
Devastator Squad 'Timaeus'

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